Enhancing the hospital experience for children by providing them the opportunity to explore, create, interact, and play with each other within a concealed metaversal realm seamlessly integrated throughout the hospital, visible only to young eyes.
Tech Stack

Game Engine: Unity
Image Detection: Vuforia
Sticker Design: Procreate
3D Models: Blender
Animation: Mixamo
Metaverse Cues: Projection
Children will have the freedom to create their own character and embark on solo or group adventures, either following a structured narrative or exploring freely. Throughout the hospital, interactive cues will guide them to virtual environments that can be accessed via tablets, where they can interact with their own or other users' characters.
Creatures & Stickers
Furthermore, interactive virtual pets will offer companionship to children, helping to alleviate negative emotions associated with being in the hospital. By collaboratively creating adventure stories with their virtual pets, children will shift their mindset towards recreation and curious exploration, and cultivate optimism in the face of illness.
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