In today's fast-paced life, SweePET, an innovative smart robot vacuum, tackles the extra burden of household chores for busy young individuals. Beyond efficiency, it mimics a pet's characteristics and, with smart connectivity and personalized features, aims to create a fun, cozy, and smart home experience, assisting in balancing work, life, and personal interests.
Activate your SweePET through the mobile app to schedule cleanings and monitor its health, providing insights into the machine's condition. The luminous pixel grid display screen can convey different emotions, enabling you to grasp its mood. Engage with SweePET in either the physical or virtual realm to strengthen your bond and foster a closer connection.

Wireframes and Interface Design
SweePETs come with unique personalities – some shyly cover their eyes with ears around strangers, while others joyfully spin in circles. The closer you are, the more they open up to you.
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